He's in awe with the vastness of the Universe
The sun and stars, the shifting winds,
Clouds floating in an endless sky.
The singing of a bird, its gracefulness in flight.
The crickets chirping in the stillness of a summer's night.
The roar of a waterfall, the gentleness of a rippling stream.
They have been given a gift so precious, a chance to dwell
In a world of beauty, to enjoy the miracle of nature.
Why was he given this chance? What is his purpose? Is he
Here to take up space? Is he doing Love's will? Has he
Yet to reach his destiny?
He believes if he lives within Love's faith, he will always
Walk beside him. If he does astray, he will take him by the hand and
Guide him back.
Through his many hours of sometimes fruitless thought he
Has come to realize, it is beyond the comprehension of man
To ever fully understand their Creator's plan.
Maybe they're not supposed to understand at all. Maybe they're
Supposed to know and believe what they see is real. And know what
They cannot see can be real if they just believe.