Tried to discourage her, prayed to Love for help,
Empowered with the Love, greatest feeling she ever
As she knew in her flesh, no way she could win.
Oh! that revelation revived her within!

All on her own, rescued from her sin,
She begins to shout, during that quickening, there was no
The power of Love walked right in!

Caught in his bosom, lost all the fear
On that mighty filled with his spirit
She knew he was near.
Revelation brought her out!

She saw the light, tears began.
Raised on the inside, a new day transcend.
Can reach her goals, in an unleashed way.
With a confidence grounded in faith.
Depending on his promises every day!

Boldness is an understatement, since joy has overtaken!
Oh! Love her Savior, you sent her a Revelation!