A seed lay sleeping 'neath the barren ground. No rain feel, no life felt--
'Til in the silent mound a warmth began to sleep.
Soon a tendril searched t'ward the light of day. Faint movement, faint like felt--
Creature from dead clay toward the sun did creep.
Weak, ill-nurtured, faint, potential drought-sapped. Twisted limbs, stunted growth--
Externals poorly wrapped, it drooped in a heap.
Heaven sadly wept at such at such a stricken birth. Branches stretched, limbs grew--
Within the stratified each strong roots searched for the deep.
So true loving care, compassion given free brought new hope, gave new life--
A seed became a tree because the sky did weep.

Thus a child may fare; an object to malign. Imperfect, unloved--
He surely must decline, his death almost a joy.
'Til a loving heart reaches out with care, teaching new skills, giving praise--
The child of love aware, becomes a growing boy.
Learning now begins, skills with glee she gains. Tries harder, grows quicker--
Proves she has a brain which their world can employ.
More, he also shows the love he has received. She can share, help others--
Her life reprieved, Earth sings a song of joy.