She was a house resplendent, a history haven
For those weathered and warn weary.
Tea and sympathy in her kitchen quaint, cozy and content.
Children squealed in her nursery
Uproarious and gay.

Where once she towered tall and rooted,
Only ashes and cinders in smouldering silence;
Blackened bleak obliteration.
The flicker of candle-lit love flared full
Engulfing her in the inferno and infidelity.
It seared her and scorched her, then slowly
It burned her down.

Like Phoenix from the ashes--a quickening.
Brick and mortar, travail and tears,
Cause by cause, column and beam
The Master Carpenter recreated and raised
Grandeur, strength and wisdom.
A house most resplendent, a hearty haven
For those weathered and worn weary.