Rejoice in the beauty of the world!
The magnificence of snow falling silently to the ground,
Barren trees glittering with ornaments of ice,
And avalanches caused by mere whispering sounds.

Rejoice in the harmony of the world!
Creatures awaken in the first breath of spring,
Such a lustrous green birth that birds start to sing.

Rejoice in the warmth of the world!
Surely Love loves them to give them long beaches of sand,
Hot springs that cure sickness, and bring vitality to man,
And the sun that shines down, shedding life on the land.

Rejoice in the colors of the world!
Glorious treasures for their eyes are the trees,
The vibrant rainbow, shining gold at the end,
And pigments of a sunset, a brilliant sight to be seen.

Beauty, harmony, warmth and color,
Such wonderful things they can't give to each other.
Love gave them these gifts which their Mother Earth holds,
So rejoice in the gifts of this plentiful world!