When he looks into your eyes son, it is his life which he sees,
Reflections of the years, a very long ago for him,
Time is such a factor now, with each day that you grow,
He can read your face, so many thoughts race through his mind,
What will you become, where will you go, but he will always be behind,
He will be with you forever, during times of good and bad,
Those times when you are happy, and the times you are sad,
You are an extension of his heart, his body, and soul,
As part of his creation, his thoughts you will soon control,
The Bible says that long ago the shepherds followed a glowing light,
Over the distant horizon so as not to lose its sight,
At the end of their journey, what a sight to behold,
The beginning of life, as the story is told,
They are on the journey now, toward the distant light,
Your journey is not beginning, but he will never be far out of sight.

He loves you David,