Crossing over that bridge to the long road ahead,
He turned to look back to watch its burning ambers.

Memories in flames, consuming that well-worn structure
He had so often traveled over, steady and contented.

After a soft rain, spring brought with it a
Myrid of regrets to his already troubled being.

All of his faults and follies created a world--
An excruciating reality filled with pain.

Where can he turn to after a promising start
Now ruined by time's cruel measure.

With an unyielding pride, how can he make things right again
With no resources to rebuild a wrecked past.

His heart beckons to those misunderstandings he left behind
So unresolved in the new burned ashes of a pyre.

Forgiveness must be his only answer, if it's possible
To mend within himself and ultimately with the ones injured.

Realizing on empty situation, there are different kinds
Of alrights, and now he will build another....