As he looks outside his window
And listens to the rain hit the streets,
The only thing around he sees
Is just the air that he breathes.

Right now, everything is dark
But, soon will be lit by street lights,
He cannot see very much out there--
But the raindrops fall from the sky.

A stray dog walks down the street
And comes up right to his house;
It huddles underneath the tree leaves
And waits for the light to come around.

As he wakes up during the night
He gets out of bed and opens the window.
He thinks to look for the rain
But, indeed he looks at the leaves down below.

He reaches down and feels the damp leaves
And notices the storm has come and gone;
It was just a calm little rain
But, now her moved right along.

He now goes back to sleep
Feeling how a little rain can feel,
He thinks it is all just a dream
But, in his heart he knows it's real.