She paints pretty pictures, of flowers and things
Green grass and blue skies, peach blossoms in spring
A red checkered blanket, Mom's recipe for pot roast
Wind dried sheets, that sunset on the coast.
Paper dolls and clumsy poppies, a smile from her own,
A baptism, a wedding, a first trip to town.
A dance, a kiss, a honeymoon night.
A red and white wagon, a bright yellow kite
A roaring warm fireplace, a Christmas Eve snow
The eyes of a true friend, a date with her beau
A little brother with mischief, her best Sunday dress
The first vegetables of spring, her husband's caress
Although she can't remember, what she did yesterday
Or that her husband of 60 years, last year passed away
One of Love's gifts to her, as life's last hours chime
She paints pretty pictures, it passes the time