When daffodils smile there's an explosion to life
The struggle to live without much strife.
Reality to fantasy with the blink of an eye
With a vision of dreams as life passes by.
When there's a touch of reality to their dreams
Black life still lingers on, no peaches and cream.
Do you judge him for the color of his skin?
Or do you hate him for his next of kin?
Deeply rooted hatred runs long.
Blood wrenching pain that is growing strong.
Love has pleasure when there is no color.
Embrace a melting pot of hope in loving your brother.
Apples fall not far from the tree.
Anticipated reality--a chance for opportunity.
Someday they will have the place in their home for others
And stand together as sisters and brothers.
How far away is this dream many pray of?
When will this hatred turn to love?
Enrich their lives, please take heed
No more color is what they all need!!!