Draws out and upward, her soul breathes
A breath of heavenly atmosphere;
Prayer, opening of her heart to Love,
Brings her up to him so near.

To be bestowed the fullness of Love's blessings,
Drink from fountains and boundless love;
Prayer, a key, to unlock heaven's storehouse,
Treasures of boundless resources above.

From an invisible touch of compassion and mercy,
Love from his hands she feels;
Prayer, from her soul, like precious incense,
As before the throne she kneels.

Now the devil, with his bow and smallest arrows of sin,
Can't pierce through crevices of her soul.
Prayer, her invisible shield, encircles her very being,
Protecting her from demonic powers, she's told.

No importance in closing eyes or kneeling,
Only faith and conditions of your heart today.
Prayer, no special words, sometimes name,
Love knows what you need before you pray.

Originating from her innermost spirit,
Faith as she lay everything at the cross with a sigh;
Prayer, simply talking to Love, trusting,
Bridges the gap between them.