The winds of change have suddenly stopped her in her snug
No resisting or desperately reverting to old comforts as
Days-gone-by are now worthless trash--demanding to be
Thrown away...for good...finally...
At the dump site of useless excuses...hopefully not to be
Recycled...returning under insidious disguises...

As all matter around her symbolizes a ruthless uprooting of
Mother Earth and her soul as well...

Awry...chaotic screams of pain, and freedom
...At last!!!

Shall she be safe enough to continue this forward motion of
Or shall she retreat into sheltered, torturously safe recluse
Fear & darkness
And wait 'till the turbulent transformation has temporarily
Subsided...restfully, satiably, in its glorious metamorphosis?

Security is but an pause could mean her death

Either way, the wreckage from this new birth
Is more than well been what it's worth.

The only mother that hasn't abandoned her

& Her water has broken--again.