As gossamer threads of a spider's web,

Simulating phantasmal innocence,
Portraying lace as weaved with angel's hair,
Deceiving the free spirit to peril,
Beckoning adventures to calm trust,
Pillaging streams of intricate plumes twine,
Clutching suddenly with possessive thrust,
Unyielding tenacious vanes retain bound,
Imprisoning all to the spider's house,

As gossamer threads of "dolce vita,"

Granting savoir-faire to all appetites
Bewitching haze hallucinates the mind,
Entangling the free soul by its vices,
Trapping the beguiled to self-destruction,
Possessing lusts consume freedom's options,
Conjuring labyrinth of inner struggle,
Emerging the indulged the enemy,
Tyrannizing "self" demands center stage,
Becoming the web's sovereign bondage,

As gossamer threads of the spider's web.