Gather around and listen to her
And she'll tell you a Tale about the sea
Long ago this Tale was told
By those who were very old

If you watch and wait on the cliffs at night
When the beach is bathed in pale moonlight
When the sky is clear, the stars are bright
And all the seabirds have taken flight

You'll see a ship sailing by so slow
With never a sound from the waves below
The Captain stands on the bridge to stare
At the sandy shore and the girl walking there

Attired in a dress of palest blue
And a bonnet of darker hue

Over flaxen hair blowing in the wind
As she gazes intently out to sea
She watches for her lover who sailed away
Never to return on her wedding day

The Captain of that ghostly ship
Who perished on that fatal trip

A dreadful storm on that long ago night
And failure of the harbor light
Combined with a hazardous undertow
Wrecked his ship on the rocks below

Dooming her to walk the lonely shore
Searching for her lover evermore
While he must sail eternally
Aboard the phantom ship on the lonely sea.