She heard your voice the other day,
Though she knew you were miles away.
She started to harmonize like she did as a child,
And all at once she started to smile.
You were singing Summer Time in a jazzed up blues beat,
And Cowgirl in the Sand sounded so sweet.
They did some Crosby, Stills, and Nash, and she sang Someday Soon.
You bellowed out a Neil Young and she did a Baez tune.
The harmonies were never better, and it seemed just like old times.
Everything fell into place when they sang Suite Judy Blues Eyes.
She thought she'd caught a glimpse of heaven and she felt such inner peace.
She had finally found her freedom at last when they sang I Shall Be Released.
Like angels in a heavenly choir, they floated high above the sky.
She could have stayed up there and sung for hours and let the world pass by.
All at once the music stopped, a faint voice was all she heard.
She looked behind her on the ground and only saw a bird!