She looks at you, and you look at her
Two people face to face in reality
She talks to you, but you don't talk to her
Two people that live in society
She reaches out to you, and takes your hand
And you just stare at her, like you don't understand
She asks what is wrong, and you just walk away
Was it something she did? What did she say?
She catches up to you because she doesn't understand
Why you walked away, when she reached out to touch your hand
You say that she is a stranger that you don't know
How can you say that to her, do you see her as a foe?
Your skin is different from hers, that makes you an enemy to her
How can you say this, when she doesn't know you, and you don't know her
She is a person, she has emotions, she has a name
That outer appearance is different, but inside they are all the same
Judge her for her, and not what her race shall be
Judge her for her, the individual that you see