Her perceptions of Gwen penetrates deeper than most,
Intrigued with each layer where few dare to venture.
Short in stature--tall in mind,
Her big brown eyes are the keys that unlock the window to her soul.

Potential for achievement must greater than known,
New replaces old when insightfully clothed.
Warmth that envelops one's spirit like a sunny spring day,
Or sitting in a comfortable rocker near a fireplace where you want to stay.

A supportive leaning past; a pillar of strength,
Other times humbly childlike, trusting, and meek.
Shares pearls of wisdom, she's a beacon of light,
Occasional confusion when life becomes night.

A degree of ambition--slightly "high toned,"
Protects those she loves this is well known.
More sowing than reaping a compassionate soul,
A phenomenal lady whom she believes in.