She sat by the window, with her eyes all a glazed,
She saw the night peel away; she was so amazed.
The daylight rolled in, giving birth to its break.
The stars disappeared, into the night's dark lake.

Peel away night, so the great wonders she can see.
Move out darkness, so her eyes may roam free.
Now she watches flowers, all dressed in their array,
With misty blue waters, held bound in the bay.

Fragrances swim her nostrils, so consumed in splendor.
The sky smiles down on her, guarding earth as a defender.
The winds sweep grass, while the blades dance and sway.
All the trees are busy waving, as they salute this fine day.

As the sun decides to set, the night creeps back in,
So all can now rest, then tomorrow they start again.