An emptiness that lies within her lies within them all
All the days will be dim beneath the stillness as she lies
Moments can pass by without being afraid and yet have the
Pleasure or joy of being admired and touched
She must lie in the shadows of aging but keeping her wisdom
She may be dull and dough but let only she take in the sunny
Morning and sparkle like a jewel
Near the seashore, the mist of the thundering waves roll
Over her lifeless with the whispering soundless mind
While she lies in the mystery of an open fire you can raise
Your voice yet cannot be heard
It doesn't seem so much to climb on an unknown and leave
Dimples of your footprints behind
Let her strength out without fear of ever finding a beginning
Or ending
The time was Autumn when a whistle of the windy day let
A single leaf befall upon her
It was then the world came tumbling down on her leaving a mask
Of innocence which she alone can feel
Then on the darkest of a cold wintry night that a snowdrop
Trickled down upon her still and lonely silence
Letting the mystery of stillness not be disturbed by the
Slumbering peaceful rock
Yet only a blue shadow moonlight could cast down on the
Hardness of her unruffled soul
Now she must leave undone the echo that surrounds her quietly
Beneath the magical wonders of their earth