You were created from a tiny seed
Fertilized by your father
Love tucked you safely in the womb
To be nurtured by your mother
For nine months while you slowly grew
She loved and protected you
When you were mature and ready
Love brought you safety through
Knowing they were both not perfect
But would do the best they can
He very softly picked you up
And placed you in their hands
They've done a great job in raising you
The proof is here today
Just watching you standing "oh so proud"
Proves their love wasn't tossed away
All the years of discipline and worry
And constantly showing their love
Should only make you more aware
There is a Love above
He gave them the knowledge and wisdom
To help you reach this moment
But now if you hadn't listened
There would have been torment
So as you continue on your journey
Still learning as you go
Don't ever forget your parents' teachings
For they were taught to carry you through
The time is almost here for him to plant your tiny seed
And your parents' teachings
Have paved the way
To teach him to take heed
For when Love creates your tiny miracle
And placed him in your hands
You'll realize your parents' teachings
Were all part of a plan.