When those she's loved and trusted are gone
And she's left feeling all alone,
The voice that nags her and says she's defeated
Would easily convince her if only she heeded.

The road looks long and followed with despair
And she feels it's more than she can bear;
In sadness she wonders what she will do,
It's hard to be strong and expect hope to renew.

She's tempted to give in and say, "I surrender,"
When slowly a light she began to remember;
The light is a flicker that grows and grows
As gradually her attention turns from her foes.

"The Lord is my strength," she whispers aloud
And she lifts her head--previously bowed;
A peaceful feeling spreads deep within her
As she realizes suddenly how foolish her frenzy.

"Dear Love, be with me for I know You are real
And I seek only to know and do Your will;
Surround with love, there is nothing to fear
I'm confident that You will always be near."