For her birthday, Gramma gave her a soft and cuddly toy;
A purple, velvet octopus with big, white, sassy eyes.
What Gramma doesn't know yet, is Orville has this magic;
He takes her many miles from home on adventures quite fantastic.

They wouldn't go to Paris, bright lit scenes are not for them;
Instead, they've roamed the seven seas, racing with dolphins diving with glee.
They've climbed high mountains to the coast, Orville's many legs don't need to rest.
They ended up with Orville's legs 'round poles and tree and her.

She never knows where they might go, when everyone's asleep;
She just sits on Orville's shoulders, closes her eyes and lets him lead.
The thrills, the sights, the fun they have, not many could believe;
Do you think she dares tell Gramma, what she has given her?