Your gentle touch makes her heart beat very fast.

She has never felt anything like that ever in he past.

The only time she has the courage to kiss you is when you're fast asleep, at peace and so beautiful.

When you're up and awake, you're like the sun, so alive and cheerful.

Being in love alone, she can receive you and your love only in her dreams.

She's tried everything to make her dreams become reality, but it is like chasing an elusive butterfly in a
Field of wildflowers.

What more can she do to show the love she has for you?

She's given you flowers, written you poems and she knows that her actions speak louder than words.

All she has is her heart, full of love, and beside it is a sword.

She's given you everything that she could possibly give, she's loved you to all measures.

She has to admit taking care of and loving you was her greatest pleasure.

Since she's getting nowhere, she has to think of starting over with another.

You pushed her love aside long enough and finally no more mind games. Just remember how good
Your life was with her in it. You had the best of two worlds--you had your cake and ate it too.

She hopes that this is what you really want--for her to find and be in love with another.

When she's in love, there is no turning back. She loves them completely, that's all she wants to do.

So this is it, from her to you, your last flower, your last poem and your last I love you.

The flower she'll give you will eventually die
All the poems she has written, you will probably save
Saying I love you will be her last cry
The memories of you will always be in her heart to stay