It was a cool summer night,
But he felt warm inside and he was feeling high,
Because they were walking with hands held tight.
They saw a falling star, and he felt something die.

He asked if you had felt it too.
You laughed, and said, "It was only a star."
You seemed so sincere, he couldn't help believing you.
He knows stars fall, he wonders just how far.

They walked on hand in hand, looking to the skies.
Laughing and talking of life and love.
But, something wasn't right, he could see it in your eyes.
For some reason, he couldn't ask what you were thinking of.

So they continued walking on into the night.
Stars kept falling, and that strange feeling got stronger.
Something was dying with every falling star, it wasn't right.
When asked, you still claimed, "Just stars." The answer took longer.

As the stars fell from the sky,
The night turned cool black and he thought they had walked too far.
He realized then, you were no longer beside him. He started to cry.
It was their love he felt dying with every falling star.

He called your name and looked around.
He was lonely and scared. How could love be so mean?
He opened his eyes and saw the brightest star ever found.
You were there beside him, assuring him, "It was only a dream."