In the beginning, there was the age
Of wine and roses, days of innocence,
And romantic thoughts encountering love
For the first time.

The soul projected thoughts bringing fragrance
To life filling the room, professing love to the
World, to anyone who would listen and thanking
Heaven must be like this.

The morning, rising on the wings of angels
Hovered over valleys of green, and the sun
Painted white clouds on canvasses of blue sky;

The afternoon, watching the tall grass match
The sway of dragonflies, filling the heart
With notions of events to come; and

The night, a closet for protective eyes and
Intimate sighs awaiting nature's kiss, causing
Stars to glow everywhere.

Once upon a time, there was a promise to call in love
Only once for the rest of their lives, and a belief that
The magic would never end.