Overhead they'll see that--Old Glory's still there,
Bearing a message about those who've dared;

Assuring them that America still stands
Filled with memories--and pride for this land

Where girls are soon ladies and boys become men,
Learning about their country and how lucky they've been.

Seeing this red, white, and blue throughout their life
As it waves with honor--in peace and war's strife.

Talking of those they owe--for what they gave,
Earning the freedom they share--casting many graves

They enjoy life today because of what they've done
Claiming a future for each daughter and son

Thinking of their flag, let's look at its history
The blood of their forefathers and their misery

These stars and stripes recorded their past.
Please guard it for the kids and make it last.

Through conflicts, police action, and war, too often
Their flag of freedom's covered many coffins

So in honor and memory of each one's story
He pledges his allegiance--to his flag, "Old Glory."