Sydney along the rising tidal harbor way a lone runner
Striding by sea-greenwhite capwaves reflecting sunsetorange
Casting halos-radiant about a wedding party maids-men
Bride-groom honor their gownstuxedos pink and black
Flowers-rainbow beneath botanical garden trees by shrubs
Exotic her blondhair flowing to Sydney skyline salutes

Sydney along the harbor way the runner glances back shoreline
Keen the sight of relative-child-friend-cousin for memory
Of hugs and kisses laughter tears cameras click flash lights
Pearl-glow-teeth lapsed braces and embraces smiles-all-around

Sydney Harbor Way each sentiment meant-sent by way of clutching
Hands on scented bouquets to share the sea breeze tranquil and
Serene dreams-to-be for this entourage-nuptial

The groom is proud so flaunting of his special moment
The bride so anxious so glad in her swept-a-way garment

The runner alone drifts like floatsam on a wave a way in-un-to
A future beyond today's reveling and tomorrow's feast
Taking a memory furtheraway/farther a long marathon of life
Exertion-remembrance of scenes ethereal along the Sydney
Harbor Way and the beautiful bride to be in her wheelchair