When she found you her life it began
Promised she'd care for you the Best that she can
You were her best friend couldn't tear them apart
She gave you all the love that was in her heart
Through the years no one knew her better
Even though you couldn't even read a letter
Day after day she confided in you
Especially when she was really feeling blue
Then one day thru no fault of her own
The Lord He came to take you on home
In an instant her heart it was crushed
The reason you were gone was oh so unjust
From the mistakes that were made by another
No more would she be your mother
Every day now her heart it does weep
And at night she can hardly sleep
She knows somehow her life will go on
It's just so hard now that you're gone
Today again she will try not to cry
For this her Kitty is her last good-bye.