Looking out her kitchen window,
A beautiful sight she sees,
Hills and trees and grassy nooks,
The Lord made for her.

She sings as she washes her dishes,
And happily does her chores,
Her children are all with her,
Playing on the floor.

Dinner is cooking on the old wood stove,
Beans, potatoes, and bread,
Always an old-fashioned egg pie or two...
There's a big family to be fed.

Her husband is plowing in the field,
He listens for the sound of the bell.
He knows when it rings it's time for lunch,
Even Jim and Kate can tell.

They gather 'round the kitchen table,
The kids and Mom and Dad,
And thank the Lord for the food he gave,
And for the good times they've had.

Now the children are married and gone,
Her husband is with her no more.
No one to come at the sound of the bell,
No one to play on the floor.

Enjoy your children while they are home,
And the love you have for each other,
This is the happiest time of your life,
With all her love, Mother