When Benjamin Franklin of yesterday was getting old and a little gray
He sat on the porch and watched the kids play
Then as he sat there a gazing he saw something very amazing
The kids put a kite up high in the sky
The little kite danced as the lightening lanced

Then Ben decided to make his own kite and put it up to a terrific height
Ben made his very own kite but it wouldn't sail because it had no tail
Abigail said I'll make you a tail that will let that kite sail
Ben said I'll need one string that will let that kite wing
I'll put it up high with the lightening in the sky

Who knows where the kite goes
It may send him some knowledge of power and light
So up in the sky old Ben let that kite fly and up came a storm far above norm
The thunder crashed and the lightening flashed it hit that kite with an awful lance
Down came that electric down that wet linen line

It knocked old Ben clear out of his mind
When Ben revived there stood his wife who had been Ben's mate most all of his life
Now Ben said oh can't you see I have just discovered electricity
From now on from hard work we'll both be free
This electric power will work for you and for me