The typical Alberta shop contains a few key things,
Like vet supplies and twisty ties and phones that do not ring.
A shopping mall for aerosol and oil by the quart,
A wooden ladder, rotten and tattered if you're a little short.
Extention cords and particle board and nails in a jar
An extra box of fuses and spare keys for your old car.
A spare tire to start a fire from the truck you sold last year
An old gun rack and gunny sack with the rear axle gears.
A welding bench a broken wrench a hammer with no handle
Busted planks and halter shanks the torch couldn't light a candle.
A dulled up axe and artifacts from earlier small ventures
Like motor parts to build go-carts and crazy glue for dentures.
Fencing pliers, rolls of wire and socket sets galore,
The bench is clean but he just seen Dad hauling in some more.
A new bench grinder and small part finder and some MORE aerosol cleaner,
Some weed and feed that they don't need to make their grass look greener.
Receipts in a box and buckets of rocks and desks from last night's auction,
And some meaner, cleaner, faster, greener multi-purpose concoction.
A dirty floor and broken door not like some spiffy lobby.
And to top it all, a sign on the wall saying, "WORK? this is my HOBBY...!"