A diver descends into a desolate sea,
Hesitant and unknowing of what he may see.

Descending deeper and deeper onto the living floor,
Unaware that the sun was setting on the distant shore.

Finding peace and tranquility in all that surrounds,
Seeing fish like angels and sharks like "Baskerville" hounds.

Colors like a rainbow, what a glorious sight;
Many fish distinctly changing like chameleons in the spectre of

Gradually life diminishes to beyond the great deep,
No bother, no worry, for even fish have to sleep.

The diver gradually emerged to the top of the ocean,
To find himself engulfed in an array of color and motion.

Suspended in the center of a supernatural type of happening,
The diver finds that the fish are now awakening.

Around and around the fish circled the diver,
Lifting him up toward the boat rising higher and higher.

He arrived at his boat and climbed upon the deck, but everything
Was gone before he could blink,
Walked to the bow and looked out to the sea, he started to cry
Then started to speak.

"This is nature's finest; it gives one a wonderful feeling,
It saddens the heart to think what the world has been killing."