The babies were playing so innocently,
When there is such an explosion for the world to see.
O! The screams and the cries,
As so many babies lost their lives.
There is such cruelty in it all,
As all the debris begins to fall.
There are more little angels in Heaven now,
No one understands the why and the how.
But, they do know one thing, that's for sure,
For some mental anguish, there is no cure.
The pain is always going to be there,
It goes with them everywhere.
The bad guys will be locked away,
But, the pain is with them, here to stay.
In their hearts, their minds, their souls,
It is hard to believe people can be so cold.
The babies had only just begun to live,
They had so much of their love to give.
Now, it's all been taken away,
And they have to live with it every day.