She knows you say it's over between them,
But she just doesn't feel that way.
She knows she never said it, but she loved you
More each and every day,
Maybe you think she shouldn't make such a fuss.

She can't control the way she feels.
When you said "let's just be friends,"
She felt the lights go dim.
What she felt and feels for you is real.

Now there's a hole in her heart,
An empty place where you should be.
You "are" still there to her.
She doesn't know if she can stand them being apart.

She guesses she has no choice, but to try.
No matter how you feel about her, she will always
Love you.
So if you still see things any other way than them
Together, you and she

She thought they'd always be together.
She thought their love would last,
But she guesses that they are in the past.
She should've known, nothing lasts forever.