When she was born May 9, 1915--
Her Mom and Dad, now had four girls--quite a team--
(1918 They moved to Chicago--another girl and boy joined the team)

When she was ten--they moved to Mt. Prospect--
And in '33 to Barrington, a town of respect--

When she was married the year was forty--
They had a boy and girl born--Oh Lordy!

When she was going on fifty--
Things moved along "nifty"

When in 1964 the marriage ended--
Back to work, and the days were extended--

When in 1966, she married a farmer-man--
From being a secretary--to washing a milk can--

When in 1979 they retired to Union--
And volunteered their time--"RSVP"

When on May 14, 1993 her second man was laid to rest--
The move to Spencer was for the best.

1966--A New Year--What more could she ask?
DEAR LOVE, when she remembers old hurts--
Help her to FORGIVE--thank you for your steadfast LOVE!