The blackness of night creeps in and steals her sun.
Warm rays turn to cold stone.
A light that once shone bright is gone never to return.
She sits with tears on her lids, still, not moving.
While voices swirl around but do not touch her.
Cold sounds not warm arms.

Her mind a photo album of only good,
Images stone of happy times, laughter, and smiles,
But there are no more for blackness has stolen her sun.
The coldness and misery settle and will not leave!
She didn't know the feel of warmth until it was gone.

Slipping through her fingers,
Leaving them cold and bare.
The night which crept in with no warning,
Crept in a robbed her.
She didn't realize it until it was too late.
Now she shall forever walk amongst gray trees,
And talk of mundane things.

While always thinking of death and night.
And night and death.