A star named Nicholas hangs in the sky.
See it brightly floating by.
Tiny light high up above.
A reflection of your family's love.

Twinkle, twinkle through the night.
Where do you go in dawn's early light?
Could you rest on a cloud to sleep?
Until your light will them safely keep.

In their hearts they watch you grow.
While you leap from boy to man,
The world would become a fan.
In old age, you'd lay to rest
Knowing that you were the best.

It's what you did in a few short years.
Sister then wiped Mother's tears.
Man to man the great did come.
As pride in you was theirs her son.
To those in need you gave more life.
And eased the burden of their strife.

It took not manhood. A boy would do.
A job for Love that's granted few.
Their task is now to see
That all the world remembers thee.