In the night sky she can see, see a star of you and her.
It's a sign of great memories of how their lives used
To be. Though it was placed a time in past, in her heart
It will always last. Heart and soul, hand in hand, was once
Their love so very grand? It will never die or fade, for she
Still cares this very day. From the point of a departing
Friend, in her heart it will never end. The love doesn't
Go, it will stay, stay with her until her ending day. To the
Grace she will carry a soul, for she will never let you go.
A breath of air shall you be, down inside deep within her.
If the stars should show no light, look again another
Night. For the light is up on your eyes, hear her heart as
It cries. Never want to say the last good byes. There is
A tomorrow, and she has her dreams, it's not an ending
As much as it seems. In their dreams they shall always
Meet, to fulfill their hearts with such a treat.
Never forget of you and her, upon the sky is where she will
Be. Looking down to see you through, keeping their
Love so peaceful and true. That is where they shall always
Meet, in the night sky, now isn't that sweet?