Mankind's greatest artists,
Van Gogh, da Vinci, Picasso and Renoir,
Have created Masterly Works, exquisite and sublime.
These have endured Man's fickle tastes and the test of time.
Surely precious, but mundane and not Divine.
And when compared to Nature's Masterpieces,
They are but pale reflections, lifeless images in two dimensions.
Only Gaea possesses the Sacred Palette,
With the proper hue for Hyacinth, Gardenia and Rose.
All of the colors, shades and tints in everything that grows.
A multitude of variations that only Love knows.
The earth is Nature's Canvas, each flower a fragile piece of art.
The Seasons act as massive filters.
With spring the greens are filtered in, with summer come the browns.
Fall brings the reds, yellows and oranges, in winter white abounds.
Each petal, leaf and stone unique, Nature's creativity astounds.
But one creative stands above the rest,
In potential for creating in its own stead.
Nature's Masterpiece is Man.