A shrine of an ancient Culture's spirituality,
Rests peacefully upon Mother Earth's holy ground.
A spiritual reminder of another time's reality,
Existing for hundreds of years, it remains sound.

Yet a mystery surrounds the ancient medicine wheel.
Who were the builders, who set each stone in place?
Was it designed to observe the stars, foretell the future or simply heal?
What was the Creator's intent, purpose, beliefs and race?

Stones were perfectly placed to form each spike.
Other stones were placed on a circular fashion.
Lines of perfection were preserved, left unbroke.
Placed upon a magnificent Mountain filled with beauty and Nature's passion.

Some believe the wheel belongs to the Little People of the Crow.
Others give ownership to the Cheyenne Spiritual Warriors so strong.
Still others believe the Shoshonean Sheep Eaters created the mystical shrine though.
Yet, a culture left their imprints, artifacts or items that did belong.

Whatever purpose, intent or nature it still inspires,
Its spiritual beauty and harmony improves the mind, body and soul.
Forever faithful followers seek cures, miracles, and cleansing that never tires,
Only neglect will dampen its spirit and leave a devastating toil.