As the music begins to play.
It makes her want to sway.
To the beat of the drums,
And the tunes from the guitar, it makes her want to hum
As the beat gets stronger, it flows to her feet.
Which, makes them, tap to the beat.

Some music flows, from the heart.
Which, makes couples, not wanting to part.
Some music can make you cry.
While, others, make you, want to fly.

There's, so much music, other than a tune.
A thought, a feeling, maybe the moon.
You, could have a strong emotion.
That comes from your love and devotion.

So much comes from a happening in life.
A dream, a thought, or loving one's wife.
A sadness, a happiness or just being in love.
An occurrence, or passing of one, to be with him above.
But, most of all music is you.
Forever to be true.