The night was dark and cold, and with weary mind and soul she lay her
Head on her pillow so soft, only then to turn and to toss. As her eyes
Finally closed in welcome sleep, cares of the day gone in repose so deep,
Her mind flitted back through years of the past, and her subconscious had an
Appointment to keep.

This is the house, she was sure that it was--in the hallway she stood just
A second to pause...a tap on the door, how could she be sure, that she still
Lived here, one loved beyond time and more. A quick bark of welcome from
Within, a gentle voice that said, "Hi dear, come on in."

Bright blue eyes and snow white hair, in old robe and slippers just
Standing there. A hug and kiss just like before, her hungry heart seeking
More, yet more. Some conversation, too, her little dog upon her knee.
Too soon it's time to go out the door--not yet, please dreams she needs more.

Please dreams, don't make her go, let her stay for just a little while. For
Somehow still she needs her so, needs her love and wisdom and to see her smile.
Mummy, did she tell you tonight just how she feels and did she tell you that it
Seemed so real? That in her heart you remain so dear, that she's glad you
Fell asleep without fear? Someday they'll be together again--she'll have
Memories and dreams till then of smiling blue eyes and snow white hair.