She gave them water, she gave them trees,
She gave them clean air in which to breathe.
She gave her bounties and all that worth,
Let's give it back to save Mother Earth.

She gave them land in which they live
She gave them blue skies above their heads
She gave them life and still she gives
If they don't give back, She'll soon be dead

She gave them fishes and wildlife
She shields them from the burning sun
If they don't help her, she will die
Then where will they be when it is done?

If they all pitch in, she shall be saved
If they give back some of what she gave.
If they all work together and do their share
Open their hearts and learn to care

Protect their world, she's all they have
Fight for her with all they're worth
And when she's safe, they can be glad
Let their children know the wonders of Mother Earth.