A paranoid Indian squatting on a stripy duvet
He studies, tomahawk raised
While the unseen attacker lurks
Playfully mocking his watchful stratagems

Cannibal mother who spawned his night
He your knowing victim elude sleep
As unnatural curiosities fuel her vengeance

Stalking, stalked
Hide and seek, hide and see

Amoeba-like multiplication
Reap hoards of enveloping midnight thoughts

The horror of nature's might
As midget shadows dark through lacquered wooden doors
Knowing spectators smell the salty guilt veiled by night

He knows restless loathing
Fevered trophies decorate his walls
Kurtz like reminders of lost hours
Needing sounds that crush repose

Yearning to see a crushed mass of red twisted wings
His narcissistic tonic boasts restful release