She loves the coming of morning,
The first soft light of the dawn
'Tis like the brush of an angel's wing
Bringing the softest of songs!

She likes the softness of morning...
The breeze, the scents and sounds.
The big, round moon still up in the sky
Fades to white by the light of the dawn!

She likes the first burst of color,
Which hails the rising of sun,
When first mist rises and colors brighten
And she feels there's a race to be run!

She steps out into the morning
To meet her Master and pray
For the love and assurance that He's there beside her,
Regardless of trials of the day!

She invites you, step into Love's presence
At the start of each new day.
Clasp the hand of the one who walks beside you,
And walk serenely through the day!