With coffee in hand, she sits on the porch to quietly start her day.

She hears the songs of morning birds how many, she can't say.

The breeze blows flowers & tall grasses, with the threat of a summer storm.

And cools the dampness on her skin, that warms the day will be warm.

The woods have a certain haziness that makes her calm and snug.

She feels this all wrap around her for their morning hug.

Through the open screen door she hears the sound of little feet.

She swallowed the last of her coffee and gets up from her seat.

It's time for breakfast and making beds.
It's time for toothbrushes & combing heads.

It's time to start her busy day with all its many chores,
That cause her to forget these wonderful summer morns.

Good day morning birds & breezes,
Good day woods & bugs.

Her children need their mother, and they need their morning hugs.