Through the longest night she stands on high,
Beauty and Power aglow.
Lights the earth and the darkened sky.
Pulling tides to and fro.

Her Majesty and Strength combined,
Equal not her followed path.
For each night she withstands, refined.
Without time for petty, human wrath.

While illuminating might for the meadowlark,
Her charm invokes jealousy.
For she knows her purpose in the dark,
Still there lies such confusion in her.

Her brilliance enhances the most unsightly,
The seas follow her commands.
But her power lies not in things that are nightly,
Rather in that which she understands.

She knows the reason for her existence,
And it is in this holy plan.
That each night she shines with vast persistence,
And light the earth for man.

To have such radiance and such direction--
Shall she sleep so soon?
To hold such beauty and such perfection
One must walk in the shoes of the moon.