Coyote cries in distant canyon, sheep dog answers shrill.
The lamb calls mother ewe.
If you bask, you'll hear the whispers of the horses,
Sounds that call her home.

Aspens glow shimmering, golden in autumn light
Across the distant view.
The peaks are crowned with crystals white,
Early snows of mountain home.

The mountain rises clear and chill from morning frost,
October breeze blows cool.
Leaves are scattered, scent of juniper
Of her high Montana home.

Stars fall like sapphires down to prairie Earth
And disappear with morning sunrise.
But ever, always, do they come again,
Northern star to guide her home.

Autumn slows the rush of roaring Yellowstone,
Yet rivers tumble to the shallow,
And the still water calms the restless heart
Of her wild Montana home.