To the woman who gave her life on this earth,
To the woman who's been there for her since birth,
When she is alone you always come through,
When no one's in her corner, there stood you.

You're an angel on her shoulder every step of the way, you help her
Cope with the world day after day.
When she's dealt a bad hand you just deal again,
In her time of need you're her only friend.

Oh dear Momma, she hears your cry,
Seeing you in pain brings a tear to her eye.
You deserve more, so so much more,
Every day you hurt worse than the day before.

What can you do when the woman that loves you,
Hurts like she does and there's nothing you can do.
Her mom has a will of steel and a heart of gold,
She taught them not to be timid or scared but brave & bold.

If love is blind then what is it that she sees?
Seeing your smile brightens her day,
In her final words she'd just like to say,
She loves you in the deepest way.