He is so little, all he can do is cry
Who will care for him? Mom will

He is now walking around, he could get lost
Who will protect him? Mom will

He had his first fight today, his right eye now, shines
Who will take his pain away? Mom will

He went on his first date tonight, he needs to talk
Who will listen? Mom will

He now can drive, he wrecked the car
Who will love him still? Mom will

He will graduate tonight, he hopes he has done everything right
Who will be proud of him? Mom will

He was married today, he has started a new life
Who will be happy for him and his new wife? Mom will

He now has a baby on the way, soon he'll be a father
Who will calm all his fears? Mom will

There was a funeral today, his mother passed away
Who will mend his broken heart? Mom's memory will